Our St. Paul Property Committee exercises an important stewardship we have the primary responsibility for the care of the house of the family of God in its community.  Additionally, the Property Committee ensures proper maintenance for all the property owned by the congregation.   Where we are all are members of the Body of Christ as the Church, the Property Committee focuses on the structures and space for St. Pauls in oder to be an open house for worship and an inviting space to serve and evangelize to the greater Aiken community. 

  With the support of the congregation, we support all programs of the congregation in addition to monitoring & maintaining the church building lighting, HVAC, esthetics, open grounds, and the availability of our meeting spaces to our community in order to present God's open invitation to all. 

If you have any questions, please contact Rick Rasmussen (803-295-7026) or any of the Property Committee members at large.