What to Expect


Communion is offered at all Sunday morning services.

The banquet is the meal of God that Jesus began on the night he was betrayed. It is God's meal open to all God's baptized Children.

It brings the real presence and remembrance of Jesus Christ to those who receive it. You may receive both the wine and bread or only the bread or only the wine. Jesus Christ is fully present in either element. Those wishing to receive the meal may come to the rail after the Lord's prayer. Ushers will help. Communion is offered by intinction (dipping) or common cup at the invitation of the presider.

Anyone not wishing to receive communion may remain in their seat in quiet meditation or come to the sanctuary rail for a blessing. Crossed arms indicate one does not wish to receive communion.

We love children in worship, yet recognize parents may need some assistance.  Activity bags are available in the narthex to keep children occupied and in worship.  And, ushers can direct parents to the nursery where diapers can be changed, the service can be listened to and persons with Safe Gathering credentials can assist as needed.

Dress code is whatever you are comfortable with - it ranges from suits/ties and dresses to jeans/shorts and sport shirts.

Parking spaces are specially marked for visitors and disabled parking is also available.

Sunday School is offered for all ages during the school year beginning at 9:45 a.m. During the summer months, adult education is available during this time.