Thank you to all the volunteers who supported the American Guild of Organists Recital at St Paul with Charles and Kevin Tompkins on June 20th!

St Paul Concert Committee Presents

The St Paul Celebration Concert Series Together we celebrate 25 years for our Casavant Opus 3728 Pipe Organ

First Concert - The King of Instruments - was Sunday, 9/24 - 3:30 pm, Organ with Brass, Thanks to all who attended!

Check back for info on the Nov. 3rd Concert
 Music at St Paul Lutheran Church Aiken, South Carolina
Sunday Worship October 1st

8:30 and 11:00 Prelude - Excerpt from "Ronde Francaise" by L. Boellman

Communion 8:30 and 11:00

"Come All Christians" by D. J. Howard

11:00 Postlude: "All Things Bright and Beautiful" K. Kolander

8:30 & 11:00 Choirs:

"I Am His Child" - Moses Hogan

Hymn of the Day:                                             8:30 - ELW No. 583 "Take My Life"              11:00 - ELW No. 685 "Take My Life

Justin Hadden - Music Leader at 9:45 opening: "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High"  

Music At St Paul - Adult Ensembles
8:30 Service Choir
11:00 Service Choir
Joyful Noise Ringers Handbells

Men For Him - Men's Ensemble

Bella Musica - Women's Ensemble

Schedules to be posted mid September

 Beautiful and Diverse Music at St Paul Lutheran Church

  Contact Deacon Kathleen Cartledge ( if you are interested in music at St. Paul.

Visit our Music at St Paul blog at

Martin Luther felt strongly about music: "I truly desire that all Christians would love and regard as worthy the lovely gift of music, which is a precious, worthy, and costly treasure given … by God.

We are blessed to have multiple Ensembles, Choirs and Instrumentalists in our community.

It is a joy to serve and work together in this ministry that Martin Luther calls a precious, worthy and costly treasure given by God.

We are always ready to welcome new friends! Choir schedules are available in the Music Room and will be updated here by August 30th.

Summer Rehearsals

9:45 am Worship Musicians - Chris Morgan, 9:45 Music Leader & his associate Justin Hadden continue to lead Music in our Contemporary Worship at 9:45.


8:30 am Service Choir – Sings every Sunday. Summer Rehearsals have finished. Regular Weekly rehearsals will begin Thursday, August 31st at 7 pm. A new schedule will be posted here by then. See Deacon Kathleen

 8:30 am service choir rehearsal schedule

11:00 am Service Choir – Sings every Sunday. Summer Rehearsals have finished. Regular Weekly rehearsals will begin Wednesday, August 3th at 7 pm. A new schedule will be posted here by then. See Deacon Kathleen

11:00 am service choir rehearsal schedule

NOTE FOR CHOIRS: Stay tuned for Choir Retreat Info soon!

These 2 Service Choirs combine for special services like Christmas Eve and Easter!

Men For Him Men’s Ensemble - meets as scheduled. 

Bella Musica – Women’s Ensemble - meets as scheduled. 

The St Paul Cantorum - As scheduled. (Vocalists who read music & do much of their own preparation.) The Cantorum provides Classical and other music for special occasions such as Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Christmas Day.

The Joyful Noise Ringers Handbells  - Rehearsals to be arranged. Contact Deacon Kathleen    

Youth Chime Ensemble - to be arranged.

Celebrate and Sing! – Children's Music to be arranged

Instrumentalists – As scheduled - open to all who play an instrument! 

Requiem Choir – As scheduled, funerals and memorial services

Concert Team - Assists with Concerts - such as College Choirs, and other groups as scheduled.

Aiken Civic Orchestra - St. Paul hosts the Aiken Civic Orchestra as scheduled. These enthusiastic string players perform under the baton of Maestro Adam DePriest, local conductor, performing violinist and string teacher. If you're interested in joining them or supporting them, Deacon Kathleen can put you in touch with Adam DePriest.

Other Local Professionals are also featured in Worship as well as in Concert from time to time: Rollins Brass, String Quartet, Adam & Andrew DePriest, and USC Aiken students.