All events below continue to meet remotely via Zoom due to the building shutdown during the Coronavirus outbreak. Our hope is to resume regular in-person ministries as soon as it is deemed safe. Watch the website for updated information. 
If you would like to receive more information on any of these ministries or join in with the Zoom conferencing, please send your contact information to and a representative of the group will contact you. 

Christian Education for Adults and Youth!

We offer a full range of experiences year round! Our teams teach the Bible and work with the youth - using crafts, games and music. Classes range from pre-K through high school as well as 3 current adult classes. Please join us.


Saints or Sinners Class - Learning, loving and laughing through a variety of discussion centered studies, friendship and service. Format is media assisted lecture and class discussion. Meets each Sunday morning from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm using Zoom.

Please join us for a new study that might be titled "A Sampling of Jesus' greatest teachings".
How is the follower of Jesus to understand the words of the Old Testament? How are those words relevant to the New Covenant he is establishing? What might the words of the Lord’s Prayer have conveyed to his initial followers, and why is that historical information essential to the prayer two millennia later?

In Sermon on the Mount, Amy-Jill Levine takes a detailed and colorful overview of Matthew 5-7, based on a book and video. Through her engaging method of biblical interpretation, readers will come away with a solid understanding of the Sermon on the Mount in its historical context.

Join us each Sunday as we move from a Zoom only class to a hybrid live and Zoom class Sunday morning at 10.

Jean Simpson Sunday School Class

The Jean Simpson Sunday School Class can be described as classic Bible Study. We use the resource of the Augsburg Adult Bible Studies published by Augsburg Fortress. The class is lecture with participant discussion. We are currently studying “Prophets Faithful to God’s Covenant” from March through May 2021.

Serendipity Sunday School Class

The Serendipity Sunday School Class is an informal, discussion-oriented Bible study class. The strength of this class is the active participation of its members. The class mostly uses material published by Serendipity House. Currently this class is doing a topical study entitled "Discovering Contentment in Stressful Times." on Sundays at 12:15 pm.

Pre-K through 5th grade and 6th - 12th grade Sunday School

Youth Sunday school meetings are being hosted by the Christian Education Committee twice a week via Zoom video conferencing. Each Sunday morning at 11 a.m. we meet for about 30 minutes with the Pre-K through 5th grade students and for about 40 minutes with the 6th grade through 12th grade students. Lessons for both groups cover the gospel for the day or other scripture readings for the day.

Sunday School - Fun and Fellowship

Youth Sunday school also meets via Zoom as a group of all ages every Thursday evening at 7 p.m. for an hour of fun and fellowship, where we have some time to catch up with one another and play a host of engaging games together.


Monday Bible Study

Join us studying the Bible! We are studying the book of Genesis on Monday evenings at 7pm. Right now the meeting is via Zoom and anyone is welcome to ”zoom in” with the group. 


Come to the Table

At 10:00 a.m. on Tuesdays of each week via Zoom you will find one of our Rostered Leaders seated at a “virtual table” with other St. Paul members. Whether you are new to St. Paul, a long-time member or a friend from the community, you are invited to join the group for conversation and prayer. Come To The Table is an outreach ministry of St. Paul that traditionally was held at a local restaurant. It allows newcomers and community members to share prayer requests as well as any thoughts or questions they might have about the Christian faith, St. Paul or Lutheranism. And, it provides a great opportunity for our ministry staff to share time with parishioners, their family and friends as well as community members and new attendees. Consider dropping in some time to enjoy conversation and a cup of “virtual” coffee. Or why not be on the lookout for someone you would like to get to know better and invite them to join you?

God On Tap

God On Tap meets at 7 p.m. on Tuesday evenings for fellowship and lively discussion via zoom. A different topic is addresses each week.

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