Our governance

Easter 2011



St. Paul Lutheran Church fulfills its mission through the integrated efforts of staff, Congregation Council, officers, appointed positions, committees, task forces and the time and talent contributions of individual members. We are guided by the Holy Spirit in all that we do.

To facilitate this process we operate under the governance documents of a Constitution that provides fundamental guidance, Bylaws that provide basic operating committee structure and Continuing Resolutions that provide policies and operating duties and processes.

Church Council - 9 members elected by the congregation, including an Immediate Past President, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Director of Finance and 4 Members-at-Large.

Committees - Here is a brief overview of the committees serving St. Paul.

1.      Audit Committee - Conducts audits of the financial records of the Congregation.

2.      Christian Education Committee – Provides leadership, supervision and development of programs for the growth and understanding of the Christian faith for all members of the Congregation and guests.

3.      Church Life Committee – Encourages and plans activities which generate a spirit of community within the Congregation.

4.      Endowment Fund Committee - Manages the contributions, investments and distributions of the St Paul Endowment Fund.

5.      Evangelism Committee – Promotes communication and commitment to the Gospel by word and action in the Congregation and community. 

6.      Executive Committee - Responsible for the overall guidance of the Congregation Council.

7.      Finance Committee - Development and management of financial policies and procedures.

8.      Memorial Fund Committee - Manages contributions and distributions of restricted memorials.

9.      Memorial Garden and Columbarium Committee - Manages the Memorial Garden and the Columbarium.

10.    Mutual Ministry Committee - Responsible for the support and evaluation of the staff.

11.    Nominating Committee - Responsible for nominating members for Congregation Council.

12.    Property Committee – Provides overall supervision and upkeep of the property and facilities of the church and assures assets are properly protected with insurance.

13.    Safety & Security Committee - Provides a safe environment for the church body and staff to work, meet, engage in fellowship and worship.

14.    Scholarship Committee - Responsible for the administration of the St Paul Scholarship Fund.

15.    Social Concerns Committee – Promotes and coordinates programs that support the special needs of people in the congregation, the local community and the world.

16.    Stewardship Committee – Promotes a deep commitment to Christ and His Church and an understanding and acceptance of one’s responsibilities to be faithful stewards of God’s gifts.

17.    Technology Committee - Responsible for the development and management of technology policies and procedures of the Congregation and the efficient/proper utilization of technology resources.

18.    Youth Committee – Stimulates the Christian growth of the youth of the congregation through church and community directed service, education and social activities.

19.     Worship and Music Committee – Provides a proper climate of worship and sacraments for the spiritual growth of congregation members and guests.